One New Road and Shaheen

 Born and raised in India, Shaheen spent numerous summers of her childhood with her grandparents in their colonial style home in the heart of the eastern Indian “City of Joy” – Calcutta.  Even during these formative years, her passion and interest in her grandparents’ meticulously manicured gardens was unusual and earned her the rather foretelling “nature struck” nickname.

Her fascination with nature and flora deepened over time during her years of study earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in Fine Arts and Textile Design. The passion for nature was also reflected in the fabrics she designed for some of the world’s leading home furnishing stores including Andrew Martin, Beacon Hill, Clarence House, Christian Fischbacher, Kravet, Nobilis, Robert Allen and others.

One New Road – the street address of Shaheen’s grandparents’ home in Calcutta – was founded as a deeply personal tribute to the memory of her grandparents and the nostalgic memories of the city she loves.

One New Road is a San Francisco based Atelier focused on the design and development of exclusive and limited edition finely crafted textiles with the mission to preserve traditional craft and textile techniques that would almost certainly be lost without access to global markets.

During her time in India, Shaheen began working with remotely located artisan communities developing hand crafted and hand woven textiles that combine contemporary design and traditional techniques. After moving to San Francisco, she continues to support these weaving communities through the sale of these scarves.

In addition to supporting these ethnic communities, part of the proceeds from all One New Road sales go towards a local San Francisco charity working with the developmentally disabled.

Bringing her love for nature inside the home, Shaheen’s creative interests have grown to include terrariums created in recycled glass containers with Bay Area sourced succulents and flowering indoor plants.

Giving Back

One New Road’s mission is to support traditional artisan communities in India by providing them a livelihood that they so desperately need to survive.

We’ve worked to develop contemporary collections of hand crafted and hand woven scarves made by these artisan and producer groups in Eastern India recognizing that community and economic development is vital to preserve the rich heritage of these craft traditions.

The proceeds from the sales of these scarves are a vital source of income and livelihood for these communities and goes directly towards lifting these craftspeople and their families out of poverty.

One New Road is committed to making possible for these craftspeople one community at a time.